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Martes, 20 de Septiembre​

 “From Lab to Track”: ArcelorMittal Global R&D Trends in Railway Sector​

When it comes to the railway sector, ArcelorMittal is at the forefront of bringing innovative solutions with the future in mind

  • Learn more about our Global R&D Rail Excellence Center and latest developments to meet Railway Trends
  • Willing to explore new solutions and projects? Discover our open innovation strategy, and collaborations with customers and partners


Miercoles, 21 de Septiembre

“Top wear performance for an increased service life for heavy loads”.

  • Why R340​ is top wear resistance rail for the crane rail sector?

Discover more about this new product developed by ArcelorMittal Global R&D, following the wear resistance-oriented principle that offers the increased service life for the rail in extreme high loads.

“New mobility Hyperloop” ​

  • Steel will play a key role in the future transportation mode. ArcelorMittal is involved in research and development of new materials for propulsion, braking and guidance systems which will demand of new in-service performance at ultra-high speed.

Do you want to know more regarding the Fifth Mode of Transportation?

 “Our journey to net zero steel”​

  • Leading our industry’s efforts to decarbonise, and to be part of the solution to the world reaching net-zero by 2050.
  • Group target of reducing our CO2e emissions intensity by 25% by 2030, and in our European operations, by 35% by 2030

 Join us to learn more about our decarbonization path.


Jueves, 22 de Septiembre

“Increased Service life and environmental solutions for Light Rail Transit operators” ​      

  • ArcelorMittal offers a complete range of Low Carbon Vanadium grades for grooved rails which provide better performance and increased service life for Light Rail Transit operators. 

New solutions are driven by customer needs, but how new properties are evaluated at our ArcelorMittal Global R&D center?  

  • ArcelorMittal provides full solutions to increase customer service

Rail service center enables ArcelorMittal to offer full solutions performance and reliability advantages for customers. Which are the main services for customers?

  • RailCor® ArcelorMittal Corrosion Resistant Rails. Rail corrosion represents a significant safety issue for both passenger and freight transportation.

What is ArcelorMittal solution to increase service life on track rails?