Metro Guide Bar

The rolling mills are located in Spain, Luxembourg,Poland and USA ,where we produce environmentally friendly products.

Rail Accesories: Metro Guide Bar 

ArcelorMittal Europe. Long Products - Rails & Special Sections  is part of the world's number one steel company and is leading company in the railway and special sections products.

The rolling mills are located Rodange (Luxembourg) and Chorzow (Poland), where we produce environmentally friendly products and services for domestic and foreign market.

We are guiding the evolution of steel in the transport, high speed railway, construction, etc., to secure the best future for the industry and future generations to come.

ArcelorMittal Europe. Long Products - Rails & Special Sections  has implemented and keeps update a quality assurance system that fulfills the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, and Environmental Management System in accordance whit the International Standard ISO 14001.

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clamps lp2

Section:56,50 cm²

Perimeter: 488,6 mm

Weight: 44,35 kg/m

Bending moment of inertia I-I': 417,8 cm4

Bending Modulus I/V: 58,9 cm³

Bending Modulus flex I/G: cm³

Bar dimensions: 150x100x25mm

Weight: 44,35 kg/m

Low-resistivity steelgrade (LR_Grade)

Used in the construction of Metro lines to limit the lateral movements of the vagons and to enable the curret flow.