Tram Rails

The tram system, rapidly growing worldwide during the last years, offers traffic solutions and innovations. Grooved, Block & Vignole Rails.

Tram Rails (grooved, vignole & block rail)

Tram systems, have been rapidly growing worldwide during recent years. They provide innovative traffic solutions, both in urban and suburban areas. This is due in part to its best accessibility, low construction costs and limited environmental impact when compared to other transport alternatives, such as bus or even metro systems. ArcelorMittal is a supplier of tram rails (Grooved, Vignole and Block Rail).

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with 114 million tonnes of annual production capacity and 210,000 employees across 60 countries.

ArcelorMittal is the leader in all major global steel markets, with state of the art R&D technology, dependable suppliers in raw materials and outstanding distribution networks. With an industrial presence in 27 European, Asian, African and American countries, exposes the company to all global steel markets.

ArcelorMittal, a leader in rail production with sites Dabrowa Gornicza & Chorzow (Poland) and Steelton (USA), is part of a small group of rail manufacturers which production has experienced an outstanding technical development. ArcelorMittal holds a leading position in the specialized rail high-speed sector, heavy transport, public and urban transport, as well as light railways.

In terms of Tramway Systems, you can find additional information about the Grooved, Vignole and Block Rails supplied by ArcelorMittal, and how they can help reduce fill-in material and construction costs.

Characteristics of our tram rails

We show below all the characteristics of our tram rails:

  1. Grooved rail: 51R1 (Ri52), 54G1/54R1 (41GPU), 55R1 (Ri55NK), 59R2 (Ri59N), 59R1 (Ri59), 60R2 (Ri60N), 60R1 (Ri60), 62R2 (Np4aS), 62R1 (NP4aM)
  2. Block rail: 75K2 (LK1).
  3. Vignole rail: 49E1 (S49), 50E6 (U50), 54E1 (UIC54).

Grooved Rail

Type of RailStandardDimensions mmToleranceWeight


EN 14811130,00150,00113,0055,8342,351213/80/300G or R51,37


EN 14811152,50141,50116,8256,1641,091313/60/200G or R54,26


EN 14811150,00150,00113,0056,0036,001213/80/300R55,45


EN 14811180,00180,00113,0055,8042,501213/80/300G or R58,14


EN 14811180,00180,00113,0056,0042,001210/225G or R58,97


EN 14811180,00180,00113,0055,8336,351213/80/300G or R59,75


EN 14811180,00180,00113,055,0036,001210/225G or R60,59



GOST180,00180,00116,0056,8636,981213/80/300G or R61,91



GOST180,00180,00116,0056,0334,441210/25G or R62,37
Grooved Rail: bar length up to 18 meters / Chemical composition as per European standards

Block Rail

Type of RailStandardDimensions mmToleranceWeight



EN 14811 Grooved Rail


Block Rail: bar length: up to 18 meters

Vignole Rail

Type of RailStandardDimensions mmSection SWeight



EN 13674-1149,00125,0067,0051,5014,0027,5062,9249,39


EN 13674-1153,00140,0065,0049,0015,5028,0064,8450,90


EN 13674-1159,00140,0070,0049,4016,0030,2069,7754,77

Vignole Rail: bar length from 18 to 90 meters

Chemical composition as per UIC, Euronorm and Arema standards

Quality control

Implementation of a total quality system is aimed at securing quality of the end product providing answer to most demanding requirements for rail performance.

Product Contact

Juan J. Gainza | Product Manager – Grooved and Light Rail 
ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products – Rails & Special Sections
Ctra. de Toledo, Km. 9,2 
E-28021 Madrid | Spain

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