ArcelorMittal was present at INNOTRANS in Berlin (Germany).

Innotrans visitors had the opportunity to discover how ArcelorMittal is extending its 4.0 transformation with the launch of several digital tools.


Rail Tool

Following the launch of its web rail tool in April 2017, Rails & Special Sections launched the ArcelorMittal Rail Tool App in continuation of the permanent evolution in the rail sector.

Available now in stores for iPhone, iPad and Android, the app allows rail key players to:

  • get interactive information regarding standards and profiles for different rail product typology.
  • calculate rail length or tonnage for different types of railway projects (rail calculator available online and offline).
  • download the dimensional profile drawing for transport, crane, light and tram applications.

The launch of the Rail Tool app was supported by an instructional video presenting the app’s functionalities

Scan the QR codes to download the Rail Tool:

Rails website – Virtual tour and new languages

ArcelorMittal Rails&Special Sections website,, was completely revamped in 2016 to make it more products-oriented, more responsive and to offer an improved visitor experience.

An interactive and three-dimensional tour was added; it features a realistic digital walkthrough of ArcelorMittal’s rail facilities, in Spain, Poland and Luxembourg, the Research Centre and the port where rails begin their journeys to their final destinations. The tour can even be visualised in 3D using cardboard glasses.             

The website which is available in English, Spanish and Polish, is now enriched with three new landing pages (in French, Portuguese and German) giving information about the products and with catalogues available to download.

New Rails video

ArcelorMittal Rails & Special Sections presented its new promotional video. The video presents key facts and figures about our rails business and gives an overview of our wide product portfolio and R&D facilities.

The Rails video is already available in English, and with Spanish and Polish subtitles; subtitled versions in French, German and Portuguese will be soon available.

Watch the video here: