Investing in the future


Research and development (R&D) helps us to realize ArcelorMittal’s ambitions in technological innovation, to support its sustainability goals as well as ensuring future growth. 

Led by our global research and development (R&D) teams, and supported throughout every facet of the business, we are the market leader in innovation. We continually look for technological advances that allow us to improve the way in which we manufacture the rails with the less impact to the environment. In fact, most of our successes follow a 'process driven product development' principle. This commitment to innovation extends beyond new products and processes to encompass how we can positively impact the life of people all over the world.

The need for fast and reliable transport has encouraged R&D in this sector, making it possible to overcome challenges unimaginable a few years ago. ArcelorMittal, in its continuous development, has reinforced this permanent evolution in the rail sector with improvements of its product range and bringing new rail products with tailored properties.

To satisfy customers’ ever-increasing requirements, ArcelorMittal has a dedicated R&D Rail Unit with pilot plants and different prototyping facilities. The rail excellence center includes among others ultimate testing  equipments to evaluate the in-use performance of rails at real scale avoiding expensive and long test track or a welding plant to validate weldability both for the actual grades and for the last products developed.

We are actively involved in designing new rail-based applications that meet the changing needs of the predictive maintenance of the infrastructure. Examples of this are track monitoring sensors and new rail noise mitigation solutions which directly impact passenger experience.


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