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ArcelorMittal is the leading company in delivery crane rails worldwide for port projects and industry with more than 30 different sections to offer to customers

Crane Rail

ArcelorMittal Europe. Long Products​ - Rails & Special Sections is leading company in delivery crane rails worldwide for port and terminal projects and industry with more than 30 different sections to offer to customers. ArcelorMittal is a crane rail supplier & manufacturer.

Our rolling mills produce environmentally friendly steel and are strategically located to serve their respective domestic and export markets. ISO certification to international standard 9001 confirms quality procedures that meet the demanding needs of our various product lines. In addition, the group has attained certification to the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management. Production facilities include Gijon (Spain), Rodange (Luxembourg) and Chorzow (Poland).

Guiding the evolution of steel in the heavy haul, high speed, port/terminal and construction markets, ArcelorMittal delivers sustainable steel to support and exceed the expectations of our clients today and for future generations to come.

ArcelorMittal has the largest products portfolio with the full range of DIN Crane Rails, MRS Crane Rails, CR Crane Rails, and many other specific rails. according to DIN 536 standard and ArcelorMittal Technical Specification CRTS01.5

European profiles

These profiles are produced according to the European DIN 536 standard and range in tensile strength from 510 to 1150 N/mm².

Standard rail lengths are furnished from 6 to 24 meters. Other lengths are available upon request. Steel grades are produced to various qualities and specifications as required by our clients.

American profiles

These profiles are produced in accordance with ASTM specification for standard carbon applications or head hardened for greater wear resistance and fatigue life. Standard rail lengths are furnished in 20, 40 and 60 feet. Other lengths are available upon request.

Finishing possibilities to be studied upon request : cuts, special cuts, drilling, machining, bending, blasting-painting…

ArcelorMittal is working closely to customers to develop with them new and/or specific rails and products according to their needs and keeping an important production flexibility.

Characteristics of our crane rails

We show below all the characteristics of our crane rails:

  1. Din crane rails: A45, A55, A65, A75, A75S, A100, A120 & A150.
  2. American Crane Rails: CRM104, CRM105, CRM135, CR171 & CR175.
  3. Special Crane Rails: MRS73, MRS86, MRS87A, MRS125, MRS140, MRS192, MRS221, A S86, CR73, CR100, CRS140, SP100 & SP120.
  4. Girder Crane Rails: GCRD 42, GCRD 45, GCRD 108 & GCRD 183.

 image of DIN Crane rail plane

Type of


StandardDimensions mmSection SMass M
A45DIN 536 P1:199155,00125,0045,0024,0028,2022,10
A55DIN 536 P1:199165,00150,0055,0031,0040,5031,80
A65DIN 536 P1:199175,00175,0065,0038,0054,9043,10
A75DIN 536 P1:199185,00200,0075,0045,0071,6056,20
A100DIN 536 P1:199195,00200,00100,0060,0094,7074,30
A120DIN 536 P1:1991105,00220,00120,0072,00127,40100,00
A150DIN 536 P1:1991150,00220,00150,0080,00191,40150,30

 Image of an American Crane Rails plane

Type of


StandardDimensions mmSection SMass M
CR104 (MRS 51)American standard127,00127,0063,5025,4066,4051,59
CR105 (MRS 52)ArcelorMittal Specification131,80131,8065,1023,8066,4052,09
CR135 (MRS 67)American standard146,05131,7687,3031,8085,8066,97
CR171 (MRS 85)American standard152,40152,40109,2031,80108,3884,83
CR175(MRS 87B)American standard152,40152,40108,0038,10110,3086,80

Image of a Special Crane Rails plane

Type of


StandardDimensions mmSection SMass M
MRS73ArcelorMittal Specification157,00146,0070,0032,0093,8073,63
MRS86ArcelorMittal Specification102,00165,00102,0080,30108,9085,50
MRS87AArcelorMittal Specification152,40152,40101,6034,90111,3086,80
MRS125ArcelorMittal Specification180,00180,00120,0040,00160,20125,00
MRS192ArcelorMittal Specification157,20229,00140,00128,30244,50192,00
MRS221ArcelorMittal Specification160,00220,00220,00145,00282,10221,40
AS86ArcelorMittal Specification152,46150,00101,6035,00109,4085,88
CR73ArcelorMittal Specification135,00140,00100,0032,0093,4073,30
CR100ArcelorMittal Specification150,00155,00120,0039,00127,70100,20
CRS140ArcelorMittal Specification150,00200,00150,0080,00178,10139,80

Special Crane Rails

SP100ArcelorMittal Specification150,00150,00100,0038,00113,4089,05
SP120ArcelorMittal Specification170,00170,00120,0044,00150,69118,28

Image of a Girder Crane Rails plane

Type of


StandardDimensions mmMass M
GCRD 42ArcelorMittal Specification60,00200,0053,0018,0060,0041,91
GCRD 45ArcelorMittal Specification60,00218,0060,0020,0070,0045,85
GCRD 108ArcelorMittal Specification100,00263,0061,0061,0075,00107,90
GCRD 183ArcelorMittal Specification120,00280,0075,0075,0050183,06

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