Transport Rails

Transport Rails manufactured by ArcelorMittal are used worldwide, for high speed railways as well as for heavy haulage, urban transport etc...


Rail Track Manufacturer

The rails and track fittings

The rails and track fittings manufactured by ArcelorMittal are supplied wordwide for high speed tracks, heavy haul tracks, urban transport systems, etc.

The quality of the products developed by ArcelorMittal has earned us the full confidence of our customers, to whom we are able to offer the highest level of reliability to be found today on the market. This is why our rails are used on both railway and urban underground lines in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America.


Country certifications

Nowadays products of ArcelorMittal possess certificates and approvals among of the following organisations: IP, ADIF, SNCF, SBB, OBB, INFRABEL, AFER, NR, MRS, VALE, ADIF RA, TCDD and "HPQ" declaration of conformity for German market.


Aprovals rail market

The experience, technology and guaranteed quality of the rails manufactured by ArcelorMittal allow us to offer:

  • A variety of sizes from 40 kg/m to 80 kg/m.
  • A wide range of steel grades to international standards or to the customers' own technical specifications, both for the construction of new tracks and for revamping existing ones.
  • Possibility to manufacture any new type of rail (4,000 tonnes minimum)
  • Rails with very strict dimensional tolerances.
  • One-piece rails up to 120 metres long.
  • Long welded rails (up to 360 metres)
  • Asymmetric rails.
  • High speed lines

It is a continuously growing market in Europe and in most industrialised countries. with speeds over 350 km/h. ArcelorMittal supplies rails that combine excellent reliability, geometrical precision, strict flatness tolerance and the highest quality on the market, for high speed lines in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Morocco etc.


Public and urban transport lines

This market is expanding rapidly throughout the world, due to urban growth and the saturation that it originates, in order to provide transport services for the population living in the outskirts and peripheral towns.

Urban systems have a high service frequency and face a difficult topography, with sharp curves and steep gradients, as well as short braking and acceleration distances.

ArcelorMittal supplies rails for underground systems and intercity railways of cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Brasilia, Caracas, Medellin, etc.


Heavy haul lines

These lines carry great quantities of ores, containers and other products. The traffic is usually characterised by trains with a high number of wagons and high load per axle. Rails with high wear resistance and high fatigue failure resistance are required for these tracks by head hardened technology.


Traditional mixed-traffic systems

The operation of these systems involves a great variety of traffic conditions, different topographies and climates, frequently, in one-way routes and in a wide variety of densities.


Light railway lines

They are usually installed as temporary lines and designed for reallocation depending on the service requirements.


Switches and crossovers

ArcelorMittal has joined the group of world-class manufacturers of rails for switches through the production of switch bars of up to 90 m from special asymmetric rails.


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