Rail Manufacturer

We supply a rail of excellent quality, capable of meeting the present and future needs of the most demanding users.

ArcelorMittal. Rail Manufacturer

ArcelorMittal leader in rail production, has manufacturing facilities in Rodange (Luxembourg), Gijón (Spain), Dabrowa Gornicza and Chorzow (Poland) and Steelton (USA), which combine their long experience with a high level of technology . These factors allow us to provide a lane of excellent quality, capable of satisfying the present and future needs of the most demanding users. Discover our materials, ArcelorMittal rails track elements and all the features of rail and tram elements.

Rail supplies of excellent quality

ArcelorMittal, a leader in steel rail manufacturing with sites in Gijón (Spain), Rodange (Luxembourg), Dabrowa Gornicza and Chorzow (Poland) and Steelton (USA), combines long experience with a high technological level. These factors allows us to supply a rail of excellent quality, capable of meeting the present and future needs of the most demanding users.​ 

ArcelorMittal produces UIC 54 rail commonly used for low traffic loads and UIC 60 rail for medium and heavy traffic, as well as many other types of rails.

Tram Rails

The tram system, rapidly growing worldwide during the last years, offers traffic solutions and innovations, both in urban and suburban areas, due to its accessibility and proximity to the user, flexibility, lower environmental impact and low construction cost when compared to other alternatives.

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Crane Rails

ArcelorMittal Europe. Long Products - Rails & Special Sections as leading company in delivery crane rails worldwide for port projects and industry with more than 30 different sections to offer to customers. 

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Light Rails

Light Rails applications for underground minining operations as well as specific light transport solutions Lengths of rails from 6 to 18 meters or longer on request.

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Transport Rails

The rails and track fittings manufactured by Arcelormittal are supplied worldwide and exported throughout the world for high speed tracks, heavy haul tracks, urban transport system etc..

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Cathodes Bars

ArcelorMittal Europe. Long Products - Rails & Special Sections is part of the world's number one steel company and is a leader company working in close collaboration with aluminum smelters and a product offer of more than 60 different sections with Ultra Low (ULR) or Low Resistivity (LR). 

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Rail Accesories

ArcelorMittal Europe. Long Products - Rails & Special Sections is leader company in the Rail Accessories with a wide offer range of products from ribbed baseplates, tie plates, fishplates and metro guide bars.

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Track Shoes

Since many years, ArcelorMittal Europe. Long Products - Rails & Special Sections is a major player in the construction equipment industry by supplying a comprehensive range of single, double and triple grouser track shoes profiles to its customers located anywhere in the world

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