Transport Rails

Transport Rails manufactured by ArcelorMittal are used worldwide, for high speed railways as well as for heavy haulage, urban transport etc...

​​Transport Rails

Information on different rails according to the diferent standards: European, Australian, American and Russian profiles.

European standard: 39E1 (BS80A), 45E1 (BS90A), 45E3 (RN45), 46E2 (U33), 49E1 (S49), 49E5, 50E2 (50EB-T), 50E6 (U50), 54E1 (UIC54), 54E2 (UIC54E), 54E3 (S54), 54E4, 54E5 (54E1AHC), 60E1 (UIC60), 60E2 and MAV48.

Australian standard: AS60 y  AS68.

Russian standard: R50 (P50) y R65 (P65).

American standard: 90ARA-A  (TR45), 100RE, 115RE (TR57), 119RE, 132RE, 136RE (TR68), 141 AB y 100ARA-B.