ArcelorMittal Certifications

For ArcelorMittal, manufacturing high quality products was always the main goal.

Therefore, the emphasis lies on the fact that our products must meet the needs that our customers require in their orders. We can improve the technology and widen the control range in order to get a final product with the highest quality.

The introduction of the quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 standards is a step forward to improve the organisation and to increase the quality of our products.

ArcelorMittal is homologated in the main Railway Administrations, and does not stop working on enlarging the list all around the world:Homologated by DB (GERMANY), ADIF (SPAIN), FINNISH RAIL (FINLAND), REFER (PORTUGAL), SNCF (FRANCE), SNCB (BELGIUM), OBB (AUSTRIA), SBB (SWITZERLAND), MRS (BRAZIL), ADIF (ARGENTINA), TCDD (TURKEY), PKP (POLAND), CFR (ROMANIA), NETWORK RAIL (UK) and many more.