Head Hardened Rails

The Gijón Rail Mill is the only site in our Company that manufactures head hardened rails within Europe.

ArcelorMittal Asturias not only holds a strong position in the selective high speed market, where it already was the largest steel producer, but now also in the high stress and heavy-haul rail market.

Countries such as Germany, France or Latvia have high-density traffic railway lines, while others such as Australia, South Africa or Brazil have a remarkably growing railway infrastructure for the transport of ore to the ports –sometimes located thousands of kilometres away from the ore deposits.

With this new product, the Gijón site –the only one within our company producing head hardened rails in Europe– widens its offer for the rail market by adding a new steel grade to those already existing in its catalogue of plain and alloyed steel products. Certainly, a good reason to congratulate all the Rail Mill team for this major development.