ArcelorMittal attends the "European Light Rail Congress"

Held in Tenerife on March 22 and 23 of 2023. Know more about the Removable Insulating Chamber.


Metrotenerife was the host of this international meeting, organized by the British company Mainspring, which brought together a hundred representatives of the European rail transport industry.

After the presentations, more than 60 of the professionals attending the congress visited the Metrotenerife facilities where they were able to see first-hand and in practice the operation of the Removable Insulating Chamber for rails, patented by Metrotenerife and marketed by ArcelorMittal.

Do you want to know more about the Removable Insulating Chamber?

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European Light Rail Congress 2023: Tenerife 

It was a fantastic gathering of over 100 light rail, passenger rail and transit professionals from all across the light rail world attending over two days of discussion and debate in the fabulous setting of Tenerife. Why Tenerife? Because it is the home of lightrail's sustainability and innovation pioneers, Metrotenerife. The congress has always celebrated the latest transit solutions, innovations and technological advances across the LRT industry. This year was no exception... 

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